The foodie stuff  

The mother of all food. China you rock my world! Super spicy, garlic-infused yumminess and filled dumplings in all shapes and colors. Frozen mango on a stick in the scorching summer heat. The trendy barista coffee of Shanghai. It was love at first sip.


Messy crayfish feast

Even that one night I was dining solo, Carrie Bradshaw style, at Jardin de Jade on Maoming South Rd. Sat at a round table for eight in the middle of the restaurant. White tablecloth, cold modern abstract decor, all very 90s. Even then the roast duck and filled tofu skin had me like woah. I did however pass on the shark fin soup and bird´s nest, it`s not sustainable.


Bread in Muslim Street

Had the most interesting dishes served at places with no English, no picture menus. Just pointing, intruding on neighbouring tables and also had a stranger explain to me in Spanish what was good. The cuisine reflects the cultural diversity of China, with regional and local varieties. I can assure you`ll find something of your flavor in the world’s most populous state.

Hot tip! Absolutely worth a visit while in Beijing, Great Leap Brewing in Doujiao Hutong. Expect lots of expats and locally made beer!