Chi-city, ridin solo

Managed to sneak off to Chicago for a few days in between painting walls and moving apartments, before starting the new job! 

This is a tribute to all the women who are independent, to quote an old favorite by Destiny`s Child. Lots of firsts lately; first apartment, first mortgage, first time painting walls. First time rebooting my router and investing in an index fund. Empowering stuff and all my single friends seem to be great at DIY too. 

Ridin Solo 

First time I’ve traveled solo to a brand new city knowing absolutely no one, to hang out by myself. And I do enjoy my own company. Always seem to meet and talk to random people and find Americans to be very approachable in general. It was tempting to download a certain dating app, but resisted and went old school to socialise. 

Abnormally warm winter  
Mid-Feb Chicago was on fire! 16-18 Celsius and no sign of the dreaded blizzards Windy City is known for. Swopped the boots for sneakers, rented a city bike and strolled around town five days straight. Saw Sue at the Field Museum, largest T-Rex ever found. Walked from Logan Square to Wicker Park. Had artisan coffee and Cuban food. Played around in “Silver Clouds” by Warhol at the MCA. Did drinks at the roof terraces at Cindy and London House. Very walkable city and easy to get around on public transportation.

Foodie time 

Randall, whom I studied in Cairo with ten years ago linked me up with Kirk, who he met traveling in Scandinavia last summer. He showed me a fab Italian dining experience, Eataly. Enormous dining hall with own birreria- brewery, gelateria, osteria, pescheria, grocery shop, five restaurants and proper stone baked pizza. Got some intel on areas and the Chicagoean way of life!