Becoming Minimalist

It’s only been five months since the last big clean up but still feel like my space is filled up with things. Thought I got rid of the excess before moving houses, but seem to have a hard time parting with belongings. Started reading up on minimalism as a counter-reaction to months focused on new furniture, painting, decorating and everything that goes with buying a flat. Becoming conscious of the effect of consumerism on the human mind and thus the decluttering journey began. Recommend these two as starter literature if you are curious of the concept:

Natural Born Hoarders

Hoarding is definitely a family trait. My parents` house is full of collections of books, vinyl, DVDs, CDs, cassettes, VHS, comics, electronics, toys, gadgets, tableware, you name it. Nothing ever leaves that house, everything can become “valuable”. My grandfather was similar, he enjoyed spending his hard-earned money on his grandchildren. While I see nothing wrong with hoarding, is not how I want to live my life. So I started where it all began, I went home to clear up the clutter.

Goodbye Things

My carefully selected collection of books, comics, movies and music was easy to put in boxes for donation. I don’t need them to portray who I used to be. The knowledge is in my head, the music digitalized and movies always available on demand. The favourite teddy bears and toys I photographed as a sideproject. Endless piles of paper went to recycling: notebooks, letters, travel memorabilia, cards. A travel blog that I deleted ten years ago but printed in paper just in case. I don’t need the items to savor the memories. Two full days of decluttering.

Round Two

Came back to my own place and had a second look at what I couldn´t part with last time. Clothes that no longer fit, from my fitter days in London, had to depart. My outworn Nikeys witnessing hours and hours of dance training from the years at the dance studio. I had been holding on them because I didn´t want to part with that person I used to be. Old glasses. Unused kitchen ware. Gifts from loved ones, given with the best intention but never needed. I donated it all and put up for sale what I thought had value. This process is giving me some peace of mind. I am becoming aware of why I hold on to things forever, my spending pattern and why I purchase items. Seldom because I need them.

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